Lentils: from boring to fun

Lentil Soup, Lentil Curry, Indian Dal, Lentil with rice, and what else. I think by now all of us have reached full boredom with the same traditional old lentil dishes that we ate from when we are little. We grew up eating the same dishes, when lentil comes into your mind all you will think is the same old dishes.

Lentils, they’re versatile, hearty, satisfying, economical, and fairly easy to prepare. They are also a rich source of protein, fiber, iron, and folate, and are one of the easiest legumes to digest.

So, what’s the fun in that?

When the world of consumers started shifting to a health-conscious diet, startups and entrepreneurs started to grow a market of their own, the Organic and Plant-Based Food Market. In the past few years, this market saw a rapid increase in the demand for versatile healthy, and functional food.

It all started with the snacks section, as all of us like to snack during doing every single thing in our lives. Many startups and entrepreneurs started experimenting with legumes, grains, and all kinds of plants we can eat as humans, and oh yeah, they gave us some good, delicious snacks that you can eat without feeling guilty at ALL.

The Fun Part

It all started with the chips (crisps) and now check out these 5 protein-packed foods made with lentils.

1. Roasted Lentils Sea Salt & Black Pepper from Nudie Snacks

A deliciously different snack, packed full of fiber and protein to help keep you fuller for longer. These Lentils are gently roasted before being seasoned with Sea Salt & Black Pepper. As the brand would say “The perfect addition to any lunchbox!


Extruded and lightly salted lentils are a new offering by Biopont. This snack is suitable for people with gluten sensitivity or for vegetarians; munch it between meals or just for pleasure!


Delicious Veggie Straws made with Lentil Flour are perfect for little ones from 9 months.

With their hollow centers and clever tube shape, our Straws are as tasty as they are easy to hold. Perfect for little ones working on their pincer grip and hand-to-mouth coordination.

4. Organic Sweet potato and apply lentil wheels from Little Bellies

Lightly crisp organic legume-based wheels with sweet potato and apple. Introduce new tastes and textures with the distinct flavor and crunch of lentils and new shapes to explore. Ideal for the second stage of snacking.

  • Contains 55% lentils.
  • No added sugar or salt.
  • Free from gluten.

5. Lentil Waves from Burts Snacks

Combining the sweet and spicy fusion of chilies, warm ginger and fragrant lemongrass for an irresistible Asian tang

Do it at home!

You can also try at home this delicious amazing healthy stratifying recipe Sweet and Salty Chocolate Lentil Granola Bars from Sarah Remmer, a pediatric dietitian and nutritionist.

Easy to make and boasted with nutritional profile healthy snack bars. Check out the recipe here.

Guess what? Not only you can make delicious snacks out of lentils.

A study was carried out in Italy in 2015 by a group of scientists for 2 years, by taking dehydrated lentil by-products and lentil protein concentrate, producing protein films for food packaging. It is just a study right now but for sure it will be produced soon. You can read in detail about the study here.

So, what do you think now, are lentils still boring to you?

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