Sabri Ülker, one of the first generation industrialists of the Republic

Sabri Ülker Founder of Ülker and Yildiz Holdings

The Establishing of Ülker

Now you know about his background, let’s get into how he started Ülker and Yilidiz

Ülker first biscuits factory

“Daddy, don’t forget to bring Ulker in the evening” (“Akşama babacığım, unutma Ülker getir”)


Sabri Ülker had a defined vision for the future of business in the country and industry. He discovered business ideas that Turkey had met in the 1990s and implemented them at Ülker much earlier. He was one of the leading entrepreneurs of the Turkish industry and the food sector. With a great and clear vision of the future, he competed with international companies and establish the Research and Development department at Ülker in 1947.

The Honorary

Sabri Ülker assumed the honorary chairmanship of Ülker Group in 2000. Murat Ülker his son, who assumed the Chairmanship of the Holding’s Executive Board, took the management flag from him.

The secret of success he Left us

Yildiz Holding Founder Sabri Ülker Passed away on Jun 12, 2012, and left us the secret of his success which I believe is one of the secrets that we should all implement in our lives “First, The basis of success is working harder and harder. Second, Honest Work. Third, Quality Work. Forth, the introduction should be given great importance.”



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